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Jual Altimeter Brunton Nomad G30 di Semarang
Easy to calibrate, forward bearing digital compass provides accurate headings at the push of a button, plus exercise pacers, timers, and temperature gauges keep you up to speed on your performance and environment. With daily alarms and a backlit display, the latest generation of the proven Nomad series makes sure you stay on course in deep woods or after the sun goes down.

    Backlit digital display
    Declination adjustable
    Forward bearing compass reads degrees and cardinal directions
    Altimeter with 1ft/ meter resolution
    Barometric pressure in Hg or mB
    1° resolution
    Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    Time and date display
    Daily alarms
    1 CR2032 battery included
    Wrist/neck lanyard
    2.3 oz

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